Fixes to The Dead Beat

Okay, this has been eating my soul for months.

Sometime in the next week or so, we’ll be publishing a fix to The Dead Beat. We really try not to change content after publication, but we felt that this was important. The issue was the character of Bob, the male ghost who always hires female hosts for his discorporated soul. Bob is a rather deplorable character, one who Sam and Arphallo only deal with if they must.

Sam repeatedly calls Bob an old pervert for wearing female bodies and therein lies the issue. This is supposed to be about how Bob treats women, but I’m afraid that it just comes across as transphobic. Shit! That is NOT the kind of authors we want to be, in concept or execution. So I’ve gone back and rewritten a number of Sam and Arphallo’s lines to call out the problem we wanted them to see – that Bob views women as clothes, not living, breathing people.

I’ll do my best to convince Amazon to send out an updated version of the books, but this is pretty unlikely to be an issue they feel constitutes a “major” problem or fix. (They’re mostly concerned with product quality issues, not content quality.) As long as I was in there, I straightened out the ending a little, hopefully explaining what the hell we were getting at a little better, too.

So if you need an update version of The Dead Beat ebooks, email me. I’ll send you the files with a big thank you for supporting us making this improvement to our books.

EDIT: Amazon approved our request to make the update available to all ebook readers! So if you don’t have automatic updates enabled, just go hit the update button on The Dead Beat under “Content & Device” on your Amazon account.

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