ANOTHER pen name

After some head-scratching, we’ve decided to publish Beastronauts under yet another pen name – D.A. Jolley. While we love writing across all sorts of genres, kids’ books are different. Our genre stuff is questionable enough… Maeve is a drug addict, Julia breaks a guy’s neck with her knees, and so on. You know what our books are like.

And then there’s the Severine stuff. Since we’ve decided to post the Lily Quinn books here on our Lindquist & Christensen site, we really can’t put Beastronauts here, too. As funny as it is to imagine some parent spitting their morning coffee when they come to read about our innocent children’s book and see Lily in straps, fishnet and a handprint on her ass in the sidebar… Yeah, that’s just too mean.

So Beastronauts and D.A. Jolley will have its own website and content, all suitable to its audience.

Because I needed another website to manage. Hm, I guess I’ll need to make new social media accounts, too. Aw, man…!

EDIT: I guess it makes some sense, though. This website is for Loose Lease Stories, our own little publishing imprint.We sold Beastronauts to another publisher, so it shouldn’t be on the LLS sites anyway. This was all on purpose!

We know what we’re doing. Really!

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