Lily Quinn #10 – Deep Woods


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My name is Lily Quinn and I’m supposed to be the best monster hunter in this city. After everything that’s happened, though, I’m not even sure I want to do this anymore. But what else is a girl like me going to do with herself?

So I’ve taken another job, one in the mountains where a yeti’s been tearing it up and I don’t mean throwing parties. This job might take a while and my powers only last about a day, so I’m bringing something with me that I never have before – Max.

Deep Woods also includes the bonus short story Dirty Hands.

This and all Lily Quinn stories contain graphic depictions of sexual acts. Lots of them. There’s other stuff, too, like fun stories and crazy adventures, but these books are definitiely for adults only.

You have been warned. Enjoy!

Published 08.31.2016 by Loose Leaf Stories