Lily Quinn #13 – Magic Max


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They say everything changes after marriage and kids. Well it’s true for me and Max, but not in the way most people think. Now I have to juggle raising our daughter, Eva, and being a half-demon bounty hunter. First, I’ll pick up some milk at the store and then I’ll hunt down a supernatural seductress that’s been sucking the life out of the city’s male strippers.

I’ve got this all handled. Right?

Magic Max takes place after Sealed With a Kiss and the rest of the Lily Quinn series.

This and all Lily Quinn stories contain graphic depictions of sexual acts. Lots of them. There’s other stuff, too, like fun stories and crazy adventures, but these books are definitiely for adults only.

You have been warned. Enjoy!

Published 10.31.2017 by Loose Leaf Stories