Miss Rose

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Miss Rose is the professor of Psychology 203: Advanced Human Sexuality. Not many students have the stomach – or other anatomy – to succeed in her demanding graduate course. But Alex is a dedicated and eager student for all that Miss Rose has to teach.

This book contains graphic depictions of sexual acts of dominance and bondage. It is not intended for minors. You have been warned. Happy reading!

Miss Rose includes three stories of increasing length.

Advanced Studies: Despite all of college freshman Alex’s studious ambition, he still requires some instruction in the basics. Miss Rose is only too happy to take an active hand in her student’s education.

Cold Case: Alex is now an intern, working with police detectives to find a missing businessman. The cops on the case don’t think that the bondage equipment they found has any bearing on the case. But Alex believes differently and goes to Miss Rose for a pointed lesson about dominance and submission.

Blooming: Alex has graduated from college and joined the police, just like he’s always wanted. He’s even met a girl and fallen in love, but after she is assaulted on the job, their relationship and her career are in jeopardy. Can even Miss Rose’s expert touch heal such a deep wound?

Advanced Studies
(PG-13 Sample)

My name is Miss Rose. No one calls me by my first name – not my students or the other professors. Not even the dean on the rare occasion he has to call me into his office. I’m thirty years old, with thick, dark brown hair that I’m quite proud of and prefer to wear up. At work, I’m usually dressed in suits with short skirts that make the older professors glare at me. My glasses aren’t necessary – my vision is just fine – but it helps my fellow teachers take me a little more seriously.

Alex was the youngest student in my class, the only freshman I’ve ever had. In the four years I had been teaching the course, dozens have tried and only three made it past the entrance exam. The class was Psychology 203 and there was a reason the giggling freshmen wanted to take it. The course catalog listing reads ‘Advanced Human Sexuality.’

The first time Alex came into my office, I could tell he was going to do well. At least, he would try hard. Alex graduated from high school a year ago, spent a few months abroad – enough to say he’s seen the world, but not enough to mean it – and then went off to college. Like a good boy. I’m sure his parents are proud of him. He was nineteen years old, with a lean, whipcord build and short black hair. Alex was always smiling, but awkwardly, as though not quite sure he was doing it right.

Alex wasn’t even a psychology major. He was studying criminal justice. But as he pointed out to me with a stammer, almost half of all violent crimes are sexual in nature or motive. I warned him that my course was difficult even for graduate psychology students, to say nothing of a freshman justice major. But Alex’s sincere passion won me over. He passed my entrance exam – barely – and I signed his add form for Psychology 203.

At the end of the third week, I gave out the weekend reading and dismissed the class, but Alex stayed behind. When the other – all considerably older – students had gone, he approached my desk.

“Miss Rose?” he said nervously. “I wanted to ask about something.”

“What is it?” I closed my laptop, wondering if Alex was going to drop my class. No one would have blamed him, but I admit that I would be disappointed.

“I just had a question about your lecture today.”

I was a little relieved and smiled at my student. “What is it?”

Alex blushed hard and bit his lip for a moment before making himself ask. “It’s about the um… well, when you were talking about pleasure derived from performing sexual acts, I was wondering how.” The flush deepened. “Maybe it’s because I don’t have a good background in psychology, but why? For example, oral sex. The mouth isn’t an erogenous zone, but you said that there are women who can actually… achieve orgasm by performing it on a man.”

I looked over my glasses at Alex. “You ask that like someone who hasn’t experienced it.”

Alex’s blush filled his whole face now. He actually choked at my comment. “I… uh… no, I haven’t, Miss Rose. I’m sorry. It really was a stupid question. I’ll see you on Monday.”

He turned to leave, but I sat down on the corner of the desk. “No. It’s not a stupid question, Alex,” I said. “Simply an inexperienced one.”

“That pretty much amounts to the same thing, doesn’t it?” Alex asked. “I’m really sorry, Miss Rose.”

He had stopped well short of the door, but kept his back turned to me. Alex’s shoulders were slumped and his head bowed. The flush had even crept up the back of his neck. I unbuttoned another two buttons on my shirt.

“Not even close,” I said. “You’re handsome and you’re intelligent, Alex. I’m not sure why you don’t have more experience with this yourself. Your question doesn’t seem to demonstrate any disgust with the act itself.”

“No, nothing like that!” Alex answered quickly. He spun to face me, shaking his head emphatically. His dark eyes were earnest. “It’s not that I don’t want to, I just… never have.”

“Would you like to talk about it?”

“Um, sure. I was seeing a girl in high school but she wanted to wait until marriage before we did anything. I respected that, so I didn’t push. But after we graduated, she was accepted into to a good school on the east coast. She didn’t want to keep up a long-distance relationship, so we broke it off. I haven’t really seen anyone since.”

“What a waste,” I said with a sigh.

I didn’t mean to say it out loud, but it was true. Alex was a handsome boy, absolutely wasted on some silly girl’s old-fashioned ideals of abstinence. He gave me that uncertain, shy-boy smile.

“Thank you, Miss Rose.”

I couldn’t help but return his smile. “But that still isn’t an answer to the question you stayed to ask. Would you like one?”

Published 06.11.2015 by Loose Leaf Stories