Miss Rose

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Miss Rose is the professor of Psychology 203: Advanced Human Sexuality. Not many students have the stomach – or other anatomy – to succeed in her demanding graduate course. But Alex is a dedicated and eager student for all that Miss Rose has to teach.

This book contains graphic depictions of sexual acts of dominance and bondage. It is not intended for minors. You have been warned. Happy reading!

Miss Rose includes three stories of increasing length.

Advanced Studies: Despite all of college freshman Alex’s studious ambition, he still requires some instruction in the basics. Miss Rose is only too happy to take an active hand in her student’s education.

Cold Case: Alex is now an intern, working with police detectives to find a missing businessman. The cops on the case don’t think that the bondage equipment they found has any bearing on the case. But Alex believes differently and goes to Miss Rose for a pointed lesson about dominance and submission.

Blooming: Alex has graduated from college and joined the police, just like he’s always wanted. He’s even met a girl and fallen in love, but after she is assaulted on the job, their relationship and her career are in jeopardy. Can even Miss Rose’s expert touch heal such a deep wound?

Published 06.11.2015 by Loose Leaf Stories