The Hangman’s Cross

A story written in lead

Coming soon!

Sarah Marcus doesn’t give a shit about the demons that infest the West. All she wants is to find Cole Black and put a bullet in his skull with his own gun. But she’s eight years behind him with little hope of catching up to the murdering bastard.

Special Agent Yu-Li Carter is searching for a man, too, one who had broken his sacred vows of service to the United States government. But he’s escaped the silver-walled cities of the East and vanished into the untamed West.

All Jarrod Wilson wants is a drink and maybe a piece of tail, if he can get it cheap.

Now a priest has called them all together with a quest. He promises that he can give each of them what they hope to find in the West. But first, they have to find something else. It’s powerful and it’s holy… And the demons want it, too.

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